Review: China Glaze Crackle Glaze

28 Feb

Okay lovelies, time to take a look at some nail polish!

Since crackle is making a fabulous comeback, I decided to try it out. I bought two of the China Glaze crackles:

Cracked Cement

Black Mesh

Here is the first look I did, which I love!

Essie’s French Affair underneath Cracked Cement.

The crackle polishes are all similar in formula to mattes, so they dry super fast and need a top-coat to get that shine back on your tips.

So first I applied three coats of French Affair (huge mistake, and I found out why later…) and then waited for it to dry completely.

Why is that so important?

If the polish underneath the crackle is wet, the cracks won’t be as defined, if it cracks at all, and the polish will bubble.

I tried it out to see what would happen:

Here, I applied one coat of the first color, then after virtually no dry time, put on a good coat of Black Mesh. Yuck. Not good!

I find the easiest way to apply the crackles is to get a more-than-normal amount of polish on the brush so that when you brush it on the nail there’s enough polish to cover the entire nail in about three quick sweeps.

Coat the right side, the left side, and down the middle.

By sweeping the sides first, it’ll give your application a little curve, resulting in really cool looking crackles that aren’t just vertical but all sorts of directions! Make sure you don’t apply more than one coat of crackle polish otherwise you’ll cover up the cracks that have already formed, or it might not crack at all.

The next day:

I type for a living, so if a manicure is going to fail on me, it will start at the tips. This manicure seemed to want to start peeling off, and as soon as I saw it was happening I knew why. Base coat, 3 coats of base color, one thick coat of crackle, and finally a good layer of top coat… Too much piled onto my poor nails!

Next time I might just do two coats (one if I can get away with it) of base color. Still, in spite of minor peeling at the tips at first, this manicure lasted me about a week.

I’m really looking forward to future crackle colors! I think they’re a great way to explore color combination, and a fun alternative to nail designs.

I bought all products at my local Ulta.

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