Summer Fashion 2011: Sunglasses

24 Mar

Here in Arizona, it’s already pretty much summer. Barring strange snow flurries and rain storms, it’s sunny and warm and perfect outdoors. What does this mean?


Summer Sunglasses 2011

The trends I’m pickin’ up on? Bright colors and flashy patterns! Just because your makeup is hidden behind your shades doesn’t mean you can’t show off your personality!

Blue and green from Wet Seal

Zebra stripes from Wet Seal

Brown and teal from Bealls Outlet

What I’m not seeing:

Jessica Simpson

While these JS frames are fantastic, there used to be sparkly pink things on the sides, which stayed on for about… Three hours after I started wearing them. Boo. :(So be careful when you get any sunglasses with anything that might fall off, because it probably will.

Another warning: Be careful when sunglasses are coated/painted on the inside, i.e. the inside of the nose piece. If you sweat at all over the course of the summer (and who doesn’t?) it is entirely possible (as happened with BOTH pairs of my Candies sunglasses four summers ago) that the coating will flake off. Which looks and FEELS really gross. 😦

The great news: Most places are having deals on sunglasses (These Wet Seal sunglasses were buy 2 for $10), so now is the perfect time to buy them on the cheap!

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