Review and Swatches: E.L.F. BeautyBook Smoky Eye Edition

4 May

One of my friends gifted this pallet to me and I am IN LOVE! First I’ll show you the shadows and get my swatch on.

First row, first shadow (1/1)

First row, second shadow (1/2)

First row, third shadow (1/3)

First row, fourth shadow (1/4)

Second row, first shadow (2/1)

Second row, second shadow (2/2)

Second row, third shadow (2/3)

Second row, fourth shadow (2/4)

Haha, my kitty's whiskers made an appearance.

Third row, first shadow (3/1)

Third row, second shadow (3/2)

Third row, third shadow (3/3)

Third row, fourth shadow (3/4)

Shadow Reviews

1/1 is a nice shimmery white with microglitter. It has a pretty sheer payoff, but it’s perfect as a highlight on the brow bone or tear duct area.

1/2 is a bright, almost electric blue with silver glitter. I love this color! All of the blues in this pallet are excellent. Color payoff on this is great! You can sheer it out, or build it up to a bright blue shade.

1/3 is dark, navy blue with silver glitter. A perfect crease color. Very pigmented.

1/4 looks like a very, very deep blue with blue glitter, but upon further inspection (and swatching) I found that it is actually black with blue microglitter. It reminds me a lot of Urban Decay’s Goddess eye shadow, though Goddess had a blue base with blue glitter. I think it’s the glitter that makes them look so similar to me. 1/4 is extremely pigmented. I love it!

2/1 is the most chalky of the bunch with the least amount of color payoff. It’s a matte light almost white pink. I haven’t used this one for a look yet, but it swatches with a lot of fallout and is chalky and kind of a strange shade of pink. Maybe used to blend out the darker colors in the pallet it could work.

2/2 is the second most chalky, and the pigmentation is very low. In the pan it looks like a matte deep plummy burgundy shade. Swatched, it looks like a sheer purple brown.

2/3 is a matte deep brownish purple. A bit chalky, but the pigmentation is much better than the other mattes. This color is very workable and would work wonderfully as a crease shade.

2/4 is an awesome shimmering block of gorgeousness. Unfortunately it comes off pretty sheer, but if you build it up it looks like a really pretty dark purple with burgundy shimmer.

3/1 comes off just as it is in the pan – a shimmering silver-white, like a star that hit the atmosphere, crumbled, and fell onto your eyelid. Beautiful!

3/2 is a gray-toned silver shimmer. It has great color payoff and looks like a darker version of 3/1. Love!

3/3 is gunmetal gorgeousness! Another shimmery shade, 3/3 reminds me of Urban Decay’s Mushroom, though I don’t have it right next to me to compare the two. Mushroom might have a little more brown in it.

3/4 almost pulls a bit chalky on application, but nothing major. It’s a matte black that reminds me of Urban Decay’s Perversion or the black half of the Loreal HIP eyeshadow duo in Striking. It almost looks like it wants to be a navy/black in some light. Color payoff is amazing, and looks wonderful upon application.

Overall, I love this pallet. It was an awesome gift, and I’m so happy I got it! I might go back and see what dupes I can find for the colors, because it seems like I have seen similar colors to a couple of the shimmery shades. I also made an uh-MA-zing eye look using the blues in this pallet that I am going to post.

Have you tried E.L.F. pallets before? What do you think of them?

❤ Tia


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