Review: L’Oreal Infallible Le Rouge

11 May

I bought this because I saw this ad and thought Gwen was really, really ridiculously good looking.

So I bought Blazing Sangria, because I was looking for a cheap alternative to MAC’s Ruby Woo, since I had depotted RW and needed a more portable lipstick. Well… I certainly learned my lesson.

The tube is the best part of this lipstick. It’s pretty and sophisticated. Something nice to pull out of your purse for touch ups. As for the lipstick itself, it has quite a lot to live up to – the ad claims 10 hours of wear. And this isn’t a tame color that will lightly fade away.

Heavy swatch/ Light swatch

This is where lipstick nightmares go to die. It’s the lipstick version of XBox’s red ring of death.

Here I am after an hour and a half of wear:

10 hours? Um… No. As you can see, fading has occurred and the lipstick has started to disappear from the inside out, leaving the beginnings of the RRoD. I think a big part of the problem with Le Rouge is that the pigmentation isn’t that great, at least for Blazing Sangria. There was no blazing going on on my lips, but after several swipes that left a ton of product on my lips, there was finally a good sized bonfire.

I think the lipstick needs to be put on in a thinner layer (which looks gross, because the pigmentation is so lacking) so that it can “set” instead of sliding around on my lips in a strange, sticky mess.

I don’t often return lipstick, but this puppy is probably going back to Wally World. Why? Because I’ll never use it. Which is sad because I was so excited about it. Maybe some time I’ll try it in another color, perhaps a nude that won’t need so much attention.

For now, I vote pass on Le Rouge.

Check out my battle post on Blazing Sangria and Ruby Woo here.

❤ Tia


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