Review: Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte #7 Lingerie Pink

11 May

I have been wanting this lipstick for SO long, but it was simply too darn expensive. I couldn’t justify the cost, even to myself (which is, let’s face it, when it comes to makeup, usually very easy for me to do). So I waited… and waited… and put it in my Sephora cart… and took it out of my Sephora cart. I went through this cycle all the time. I just couldn’t spend that much on a lippie. Well, ends up, I still didn’t have to! Yay!

Rouge Volupte 7 Lingerie Pink

I know most beauty bloggers have heard of Makeup Alley. It’s basically a beauty swapping website, where you can trade things you no longer want (brand new or used!) for things you’ve been dying for. I will definitely do an in-depth post on this site soon, so keep an eye out! Anyways, I did a swap to get this lipstick, and boy was it worth it!

The perfect pink

Comes with a mirror on the cap for application!

Heavy/Light swatches with flash

Never in my life have I seen a more pigmented, creamy dream of a lip color. It’s a nude-pink that dries to a pretty sheen, but there’s no shimmer or glitter to be seen. It’s a sophisticated lady! And it’s so pigmented that even just dabbing it on results in more than a normal lipstick’s amount of coverage. Hopefully it will last me a while, but I think there’s quite a bit of chance that I will someday need to replace this, simply because I know I will be using it all the time.

Forgive the tired eyes - its finals week!

❤ Tia


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