Review: Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick

26 Jul

As far as the beauty world is concerned, the ‘Sensational’ lippies are about 100,000,002 years old. However, since there are over 54 shades (not including the Pearl or High Shine lines), we are still unearthing colorful gems from within the massive (and overwhelming) Maybelline drugstore displays.

I don’t know if anyone else has tried to find Red Revival:

The Maybelline ad for Red Revival

But it was always the one slot in the display that never had a lipstick in it. Sadface. So I figured, hey I might as well try one out… Pink is nice. Pink is safe. (Two descriptions that should have warned me right then and there that I was going to pick out something I’d hate. After all, I was after Red!) So on I looked.

The first Color Sensational lipstick I tried was Born With It, which appeared to be a pretty pinky-nude in the tube but pulled a Blackbird (The jet in X Men. What? It turns invisible, come on.) when I put it on. Needless to say I was disappointed. So that complete lack of pigmentation, paired with the fact that the lipstick smelled like Play Doh, was enough to make me say NO MORE. I would never pick up one of those crappy things again! They all sucked, every last one of them!

Then I saw this post at EBeautyBlog and was shocked. Why did it look like she had color on her lips? And not just color, awesome, pigmented gorgeousness. Maybe some of the Color Sensational lipsticks were worth a try.

So I went to Wally World and bought Fuchsia Fever and -dun dun DUN!!!- Red Revival!

Red Revival

Fuchsia Fever

Red Revival Swatch

Fuchsia Fever Swatch

Crazy smile... But I was tired of depressed looking lip swatches!

Fuchsia Fever

They still smell terrible in the bullet, but I don’t care. I’ve heard some of them smell, some of them don’t, some of them smell good… Apparently something in the formulas is inconsistent (scent, pigmentation), but these two are absolute WINS. My camera couldn’t even handle the bright, bright yumminess that is FF, but I think RR is pretty color accurate. I ❤ them both and highly recommend these two colors!

❤ Tia


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