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NOTD: Orly Rock Solid

28 Oct

Sorry for the absence, been going through some stuff-and-things, the usual rigamarole, but since this post has been sitting here waiting to be written for a while, I decided to put it out of its misery and share. 🙂

I bout Orly Rock Solid as soon as I saw it, and it didn’t disappoint. It looks AMAZING in real life, and pretty dang good in photos, too.

These are all in direct sunlight, and don’t seem to do the polish a bit of justice, but I loved the mani and wanted to share. 🙂

Note: This was one of the few times that I got a professional manicure (Hence the fancy flower… I wanted acrylics! ^_^) so I can’t yet comment on ease of application/number of layers. But just look at the results!


❤ Tia


NOTD: Glitter Gradient

27 Jul


Lookit all the glitters!


Polishes Used (In Order):

1 coat of Beauty Secrets Base Coat

2 coats of Orly Luxe

1 medium coat of OPI Sparkle-icious (Burlesque collection) brushed over tip of nail, 1 sparing coat over the first tip coat and 1/4-2/3 of the nail. Use lighter strokes the further you get from your nail tip – this will make it fade into the gold nail polish and create the gradient effect.

1 coat Seche Vite Top Coat


NOTD: Orly Bubbly Bombshell

22 Apr

The Orly Pinup collection isn’t slated to come out until May 2011, but my Ulta has a funny habit of stocking things way earlier than they should. Since I seem to be the only one who notices this trend, I am actually quite happy about it. Heck, I stocked up on the Crackles before anyone else even knew about them! Good times. 🙂

Here’s one of the glitters I purchased, excuse  the messy application. It’s hard to clean off glitter around the edges! Click to enlarge (super important). If you look really close, you can make out the hex-shaped glitters! I die for those, no joke. These pictures are also pulling more purple than the actual nail polish is. Imagine a pinker, more magenta fabulosity.

❤ Tia

NOTD: Disney Princess Series – Belle

20 Mar

Okay, today’s princess manicure is inspired by Belle from beauty and the beast!

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